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My website was stolen?

Indeed a strange statement to hear over the phone, but never the less one that is getting more and more common these days as we hear about companies and businesses in the southeast who have gone to look at their website to find it’s gone. Replaced with advertising for other websites selling similar products and services.

Stolen Domain Names

Expired domain names are often used as advertising boards once it has passed it expiration date. This means that the company who has registered the domain name will put display adverts or Google Adwords on the site in order to try to recoup some of their losses.

It is very common.

Today we had a call from a local business who had somehow allowed their domain name to expire, they said they were not contacted by their own web company and had no notification. We were able to do some research and contact a few people in the industry and the next day the company who had hosted the their website and registered the domain name were in contact with them and the website went live again.

It is important to remember when you have a website that if the domain name and hosting are on an annual fee then you will be getting invoiced each year. Not paying these fee’s usually results in disconnection. don’t pay your ESB bill and you get cut off.

I believe the same happened in this case.

If you have a domain name and website hosting package with a company such as this caller and wish to possibly think about moving to an office based web design business then whey not give Cada Media Ltd a call on 053 9430748 and ask for Dave.

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