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Google Alerts not used!

Google have been contacting the people to who use their email alert service to tell them that due to the fact that not many people actually using the service they provide, they will be altering the way in works in the future. Interesting to see that people are not using it as we know that it can be an important tool when doing search engine optimisation and general web marketing for companies.

Google Alerts

Basically the way they work is to email you once someone puts in a search for a term or phrase that you have requested to be notified by email. It is useful if you would like to know for instance if a phrase is one that really is used by people to search for a product or service. Often when talking to customers and potential clients they will have a predefined concept into the words that people use. Most times it is actually not the phrase that would necessarily the one that would bring them the most amount of hits.

Google Adwords

This would be the next step up in looking to see which word you might pay Google if someone searched for it and to display your name first. There is a google adwords keyword tool that allows you too see which words are most popular and then actually put in a real time bid to get your name listed top of the listings.

To start working with Google Alerts or Google Adwords just log in into your Google account and start researching how it all works.

To start getting results straight away let Cada Media set it up for you and let you get back to what Your Good at. Tel : 053 9430748

See Below


We're contacting you because you have an alert of type Web. We've decided to retire Web alerts because
(1) they are used by very few people and
(2) an alert of type Everything will find the same results.

This week we'll be changing all alerts of type Web into alerts of type Everything.
Your alert will continue to include results from all kinds of web sites.

You may receive more results after this change. If you find that you are getting too many results,
you can change the "How often" setting to "once a day" or "once a week." You can also change your search query.
You can do this on the alerts management page (www.google.com/alerts/manage),
or by removing the alert using the link at the bottom of each alert email and creating it again with different settings.

We hope that you'll continue to find your alert useful.


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