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My friend is doing my website!

Great and when is it going to be finished? Today we had another call from a business asking us could we start and finish a website in 10 days as he has been waiting over 2 years for the favour of creating a website to be completed.

Getting a website created for a business is like most things in life, there is a procedure and a process, bypass these steps and getting a mate or a friend to do it often leads to projects being put on the long finger and in fact, usually not being don’t at all.

If I take a look at the number of domain names that are registered in Ireland each year and then look at the amount of “Under Construction Signs” that are on the sites it would amaze you the volume that are not utilised for an actual website but rather a holding page that is permanently on hold.

Either the favour is not being worked on or the business is only using the domain name for email and does not really understand the impact of having a good website open 24/7 selling and promoting your business.  Whilst the under construction page has been on display often we find that a competitive business will and worked away and got their website up and runnign and is live in a google search. Mean while you seeing the guy or gal in Tesco and waving over wondering when they will ever get around to working on the site.

So by asking a real business to work on your website you are taking up a proper goal and deadlines with your web designer. “We need the website by the 1st September” etc. It has to be created, tested, marketed and proofed and live by then, can you do it?

Yes, Call Dave Jordan using your long finger you put stuff on and dial 053 9430748 today!

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