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Twitter for Business

They guys at twitter have launched a new business centre for twitter to help business get involved and start using it and understanding how they can benefit from it’ts use. So for all those questions that you wanted to know about twitter and what they hell is it etc then see the link below. http://business.twitter.com/

Snow effect on business!!

For the 2nd time this year we have seen how the weather can disrupt businesses across Ireland with staff not being able to attend the office and customers not being able to make it to the shops, but do we really have to be so reliant on the weather for business? What do businesses do […]

Online Betting Tax

Just watching the the 2011 Irish budget on the net and it looks like the Government has finally seen that money is moving in huge amounts online and that they could part of the action. With online sales in Ireland around €15,000,000 a day, I guess its small compared to the online betting. Now the […]