"The Web is Everywhere,
Be Part of it !"

Just watching the the 2011 Irish budget on the net and it looks like the Government has finally seen that money is moving in huge amounts online and that they could part of the action. With online sales in Ireland around €15,000,000 a day, I guess its small compared to the online betting.

Now the Government are taking online businesses seriously and they are taxing the online betting websites the same as the shops. And why not, its a fast amount of money travelling in the clouds over their heads and not being taxed to the same as an actual “real” shop !

More and more we are seeing businesses moving online and being paid by WorldPay and PayPal to pick on a few and this is then spend online, and I wonder if the government are seeing any of this money. I doubt it.

Facebook Money

Facebook are now bringing out their own currency so that businesses can buy and spend money online. It may sound small to some people, but it has an audience of 500,000,000 people !

That’s more than in the Euro zone !

This money is like Disney dollars, sounds silly but really its hundreds of millions that is circulating in a certain circle. The new “circle” is the Internet and the vast amounts of money moving online. We look forward to seeing more and more businesses moving online and using the web wisely.

Did the VAT rate change today?

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