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Cheap Websites in Wexford

Hidden Text on websites
Hidden Text on websites

We get asked for really really cheap websites everyday and can we do a website for €50   . .  ah No.

Cheap website usually come from a kid in their bedroom who has zero understanding about people, technology, marketing, search engines, the internet, design, site navigation and especially Search Engines

Take a look at the images below, there is hidden text on the footer of the website as the “designer” was trying to trick a search engine into returning this site as a genuine result.

Google do not like this: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=66353 and infact can ban your website!!

Imagine getting kicked out of the telephone directory and being de-listed. Can you business in this day and age survive being even harder to find?

Hidden Text on websites
Hidden Text on websites

This is an image of some of the sites we know about that were “cheap websites” and this will show you what to look at for as more and more web design cowbows are appearing in Wexford and around the southeast in Ireland.

This week we had a call from a business in Gorey that paid €3,500 for their 4 page HTML website that was ok looking but had no chance of ever getting into a search engine and they were told was going to get them to No 1 in google for their industry.

We have taken on that customer now and are revamping the website but they had the opposite problem to this hidden text. They have virtually no content on the site and no extra meta content that a search engine need to help index your site.

If you are buying a cheap website, remember you are putting you reputation on the line, in fact On-Line.

For professional websites that are not cheap, but don’t cost a fortune either call Dave Jordan on 053 9430748 today

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