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Waterstone’s Close in Dublin

Yet another business closes it doors in Dublin with the loss of jobs and lively hoods. Waterstone Book Stores closes two of their shops in Dublin. Part of the HMV Group that has been heavily hit by the Recession and the Digital Age.

Traditional shops always amaze me these days as to how they can make money and continue to pay the overheads that come with them. Setting up online shops has really show me that if I had the right product I definitely be thinking about ordering a 20ft container from China and selling them online.

Ipad, Kindle, eReaders and Electronic books

These are devices from “Tomorrows World” showing us how life would be in 2011, but they didn’t tell us the consequences of the technology in terms of how the jobs in the publishing industry would change from counter sales to warehouse/shipping sales or even data centre management. The jobs are moving and people must be ready for their jobs to change. Education and Training in the IT industry is always an asset. People must remember that jobs are no longer for life, we don’t start in the post room at at 15 and retire at 65 with a nice new timepiece.

As sad as it is that these stores are changing, remember that others are been employed in online sales, shipping, downloading etc. Life changes and technology is always making jobs or equipment obsolete. Management of shops move to online management and SEO techniques to help grab attention of viewers and push sales.

I’m not meaning this to sound like a “I told you so” but like the recession in Ireland and the property bubble, did we really think that things would stay the same forever?!?

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