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Design your website for your customers, not you!

With one of the busiest weeks nearly over and many meetings with new clients completed, I found myself repeating the same phrases over and over again. As many of our employees have heard me say in the office over the years as I end up explaining layout and design to the customers. The website we create is for their customers and not themselves. Often they mix up what they personally like and what is best for a potential client.

Your website should be designed for your target market, it should give them the information they came to the website for. It should then encourage them to do something with their new knowledge, such as make a booking, make an appointment or telephone you. If they simply leave, it means you’ve just educated them and they will buy the service elsewhere!

If you don’t want to fall victim to this style of website design then talk to myself, Dave Jordan and lets make money together. ┬áCall me on 053 9430748 and lets set up a meeting

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