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Server Upgrade #2

We are upgrading again!

Yes, I know, it means about 10 minutes of downtime and a pain in the backside for you and me, but hey it will all be worth it in the end. As mentioned previously speed is getting to be a vital issue with many applications now running on-line and our clients are asking each week can we speed up the hosting servers to help with the requirements of new emerging software applications such as CCTV Streaming, on-line backups, on-line editing to name a few. Basically everything that is cloud based and needs to be live and accessed 24/7.

When: Friday 8th April @ 08.30
What: More memory being installed.
Where: Data Electronics Centre.
Why: Because I love speed!
Downtime: estimates to be 10 minutes

So the services that will be effected will be Email, Database applications, Websites.  Our Spam filters will be running as normal as they are on a separate server

Any questions, call me.

053 9430748


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