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Gorey Cricket Club Website

Gorey Cricket Club

We are excited to announce the launch of the new website for the local cricket club. The website is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and is ideal for a cricket club wanting to communicate with their supporters, players, and sponsors. The website design is clear and professional making it the perfect tool for the management to […]

Revving Up Performance: Our Recent Database Hosting Upgrade

close up photo of programming of codes

In the ever-evolving world of technology, keeping up with the latest advancements is crucial, especially when it comes to hosting services for websites. At Cada Media, we’re committed to providing our clients with top-notch service, and that’s why we’re excited to announce our recent upgrade in server database hosting. These improvements have already begun to […]

Fixing a Hacked WordPress Website?

Hacker in mask and hood, account hacking

Having your WordPress website hacked can be a nightmare, causing undue stress and frustration. Restoring your website to its original state should be your immediate priority. Removing any malicious code or plugins that may have been added to your website is essential to ensure your site’s security. It’s equally critical to ensure that fraudulent pages […]

Super Fast Hosting Servers !

Looking after our clients hosting needs is something we take very seriously at Cada Media Ltd and we are always looking towards the future,  so we can keep them up to date with the latest technology and internet speeds. We have worked hard with the brilliant team in Blacknight including, Paul, Michele, Janathan, Tara, Alan, Derek, […]

Server Disk Replaced

We would just like to let our customers know that we have replaced one of the hard disks on the main hosting server last night. The server in question has a number of disks that mirror their data. One of disks was running slowly and so it has been replaced. All sites tested and working […]

Server Upgrade #2

We are upgrading again! Yes, I know, it means about 10 minutes of downtime and a pain in the backside for you and me, but hey it will all be worth it in the end. As mentioned previously speed is getting to be a vital issue with many applications now running on-line and our clients are asking each week […]

Three outgoing SMTP mail server

Wow what fun we have with sending mail via the various broadband providers in Ireland. As you might be aware receiving an email is usually no problem and people get mail via the email provider, so Eircom customers get mail from mail.eircom.net and most companies get mail from mail.companydomain.ie etc. I have spoken about this […]

Server Upgrade Today!

Hi folks, Quick notice that at 13:30 today the server will be down for 15 minutes while we carry out an upgrade. It will be back on-line when the installation is complete. Apologies for late notice, but this is a necessary upgrade for all concerned. More details once it is completed .

Server RAID system back online

Just a quick note to let our hosting customers know that our main hosting server is back on-line as of last night at 1:45am. The server has a multiple hard disk system that duplicates the content called a RAID system. One of these hard disks was failing last week and we had to be replaced. […]

Server Upgrade

I would like to let our hosting customers know that at 8am on Thursday 10th March 2011, we are upgrading the main hosting server. The upgrade will take approximately 15 minutes to perform services will resume once the server is booted. If you have any questions before this takes place then give me a call […]

Amateur spammers?

We would like to inform all our clients on our business hosting packs that we have put a limit on the number of outgoing emails to avoid them being “ear-marked” as amateur spammers! Example: If you are using an email program like Outlook Express, Thunder Bird you will be writing an email and then adding […]

Eircom DNS

We have been approached by a local business to revamp their website and bring it up to new modern standards as well as making it content managed by the owners, so we set about the usual investigations to find where the domain was registered and where it is hosted etc. Eircom business have the account, […]

Website Hosting in Wexford back up

Just to let everyone know that the servers upgrade went well tonight. We started it with Niall our engineer at the helm. The system was brought down at 21.04 and the data was transfered acrossed fine. They then brought it back up at 22.10 and the individual services were started one at a time, stats, […]

Our Servers will be upgraded . .

Due to continued growth in an extraordinary year, we are happy to be in a position of having to upgrade our hosting servers to keep up with the demand for high quality web hosting in Ireland. Our new servers continue to be managed by Blacknight Internet Solutions based in Carlow. These guys are the ones […]

Email Spam Filters needed in 2009

Spam is on the rise. We have had a number of telephone calls about the high level of spam that clients and others are receiving in the new year. As the global ecomomy slows companies are using more and more email to get their point across, so expect more of this in 2009. We have […]