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Facebook Chat Hack Virus

Today I was working away as usual and a customer came onto Facebook and said Hi and then told me he was away in London with the family and got mugged and needed help. A little strange as I know him, but didnt think we were at ‘That‘ stage of business that he would be so familiar and chatty.

I knew something was wrong and called his office and the receptionist told me he was actually in Gorey and that he was with a client in the next room. I said what had happened and that she believed he might have a virus, I agreed and said that this type of virus and hack was common and to get his PC sorted out as soon as he could.

I directed them to a page on their security page with information about it.


mean while in the chat I copy and pasted in this link and said good bye. If you have experienced similar let people know as often money will try to be extracted via a link to a payment system. Good Samaritans get ripped off too.

Ignore it and let the person know asap.


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