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Free Online Backup site?

I was talking to a customer yesterday and he told me he backs up all his office files to a external hard disk and he carries that home with him each week and takes it away on holidays with him when he’s out of the country.

I asked him had he heard of the Internet and we joked as he is a new client of our and then we talked about just using the Internet to store his files. He thought that the internet was just for emails and websites and when I described the security involved in a Data Centre he then couldn’t believe that we store websites there instead of our customers office files.

We do.

I told him we are a digital storage business for companies who wish to use the Internet for online storage of their company documents including, images, videos, text files, accounts files etc. Our servers based in the Data Electronics Centre and we TeraBytes of space available.

There areĀ alternativesĀ of course that offer great free storage of files online. The free accounts have a limit to the amount of space you can have the availability is usually not 100% as their service level agreement can be as lower.

DropBox.com is one of those great free online storage sites that allows you to get up to 2,000MB of free space and up to 100Gb’s for about $200 per year.

So if you are looking to find a cheap or free online storage solutions then check out www.dropbox.com otherwise if you are looking for a full business solution for your company then call Dave Jordan of Cada Media Ltd

The Web is Everywhere, Be part of it !

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