cloud computing

cloud computing

What is Cloud Computing?

At an early morning networking meeting today I was one of the audience receiving a 10 minutes presentation from the owner of a local computer business. Glassgoraman Computers is run by John Timmons, a native of Dublin and living near Gorey for the past 13 years or so.  John has a background computer hardware, broadband and software suites such as Lotus Notes etc. So this morning John told us about the history of the “cloud”, …

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Free Online Backup site?

I was talking to a customer yesterday and he told me he backs up all his office files to a external hard disk and he carries that home with him each week and takes it away on holidays with him when he’s out of the country. I asked him had he heard of the Internet and we joked as he is a new client of our and then we talked about just using the Internet …

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Fine Gael Programme for Government

Great to see that the items I talked about to candidates during the election have been put into the Programme for Government with a great use of the Internet as a means of getting this country off it’s knees and gaining us some respect in Europe. Some of the items in the new programme include better use of Cloud Computing and making Ireland an digital Island. This document lays out the plans for serious development …

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Google Wedding Planner

For those who are looking to plan a wedding will know, most/all wedding planing is now carried out online. If you are looking a wedding venue, inviting guests with email or inviting them with facebook events etc you will know that without the Internet there would be a lot of leg work. Marry Google! People who know me, know I wish I could, but the guys at Google have put together a great wedding package …

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Snow effect on business!!

For the 2nd time this year we have seen how the weather can disrupt businesses across Ireland with staff not being able to attend the office and customers not being able to make it to the shops, but do we really have to be so reliant on the weather for business? What do businesses do in Scandinavia? Do they close down for 3 weeks as Ireland has done this year in January, November and December …

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Online Betting Tax

Just watching the the 2011 Irish budget on the net and it looks like the Government has finally seen that money is moving in huge amounts online and that they could part of the action. With online sales in Ireland around €15,000,000 a day, I guess its small compared to the online betting. Now the Government are taking online businesses seriously and they are taxing the online betting websites the same as the shops. And …

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