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Artisan food website

Earlier this year we (Cada Media Ltd) were part of a Dragon’s Den style competition in North Wexford to try to find and help a new start up business. The winner of this was a fresh new business called Ciara’s Pantry, registered in March 2011, a home based food business producing artisan jellies and chutney’s.

As part of that price Ciara won a content managed website from ourselves. We have a number of products and services that we offer and for this competition we donated a custom package to help this new business get on-line. Ciara’s Pantry already had a holding page that was registered and hosted by a company in Waterford. After getting the domain name pointed to our own workspace ( web hosting servers) we then got involved in the inforamtion gathering with Ciara in order to understand her business and her business.

As we have worked on similar projects we are familiar with what the viewers of these type of sites are looking for and so we were able to put together a structure for Ciara to follow. This new structure meant collating her products into various categories that would work as “Drop Down Menu’s” on the site.


Ciara then we about putting her content together and she took her photograph’s, she wrote up her ingredients, suggested recipes and the stockist of her products. This is often a hard process for many start ups as they usually have no brochures or previous on-line content to work with.  Ciara did a great job in putting together information together and during this process she demonstrated that she will be well able to manage the website when we hand it over to her.


With the content we then set about putting a layout that would suit a new modern start up business whist keeping in mind making the site future proof. We then choose a content management software and a layout that would suit the business. We choose Joomla 1.6 running a market style layout that would portray a retail/market style of products. This choice is a very important one as technology is always changing we must pick a base that will be around in 6 months and indeed a years time.

Mobile phone usage is gaining momentum in Ireland to access the Internet it is estimated that more website will be viewed by mobile than a pc by December 2011. This in mind we created a mobile version of the site to help capture that growing market.

This version is a scaled down version of the full site that fits into a smaller screen, it auto detects that the user is connected via a mobile phone and then returns them the mobile content. This choice of content management software also means that we are providing this start up business with a mobile editing tool for the site.  Being able to edit and amend the site using an “App” means that Ciara will always have the ability to keep the website fresh and up-to-date.

The site is now live and gaining position in search engines such as Google, Bing, Alexa and Yahoo and will continues to gain ranking as it gets listed in more online directories such as our own Gorey Business Directory GoreyLinks.ie and others. Since going live a number of weeks ago the key phrases that it has come up for so far have been a great success and we are happy to see it gain in market share in the top fold of searches.

Service Provided:

  • Domain name management
  • Business Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Web Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Consultancy




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