Online shops . . did you know . .

Just thought I’d throw it out there and let businesses with online shops know that depending on the software used to build your site and the way that it was built etc, you might be in for a surprise when you look at your bank account and find that the monies paid in were actually paid to someone else’s account !!!

Security Patches and Fixes

If your site is not fully up-to-date and by up-to-date, I mean yesterday or today and not in the past 3 or 4 months then I would strongly recommend that you login and install any patches or updates that are available. Each day new robots trawl the net to find open doors at the back of ecommerce website to see if they can hack the site. This is not only in Open Source, but most online shop software and hosting. (For you techy guys out there it could be a folder left at 777 permissions.)

They get into the back of the site and replace your bank details with their own!!

Christmas shopping is an ideal time for these viruses and bots to travel around the net and change your site so they will get all the funds transferred to them !

Be aware, Be safe, install the latest updates available.


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