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Somebody took my domain name? GRRRR

We recently had a meeting with a new business starting out here in the Southeast. We met, discussed their intension’s and objectives etc. At this point they had not even registered their business name with the companies office So they registered as a Sole Trader and used the name that they wished to trade under.

So they were set . . . . or so they thought, so day they came back to us with the idea of securing the domain name, but in the weeks that passed somebody else registered the domain name for a website.

It’s gone.

If you want to register a domain name I would suggest getting the name as soon as you can, if you leave it on your list of things to do it can be snapped up by another business of a similar name. Domain names are very important and if you are starting a new brand or business get your name as soon as you can. They do not have a registered Trademark or established brand and so it will be a real battle to get the name back from the IEDR and prove that you have a right to it first.

Call Cada Media if you are starting a business and want to get online and we can run through what you need and how we can help

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