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Help Google Help You !

When we are starting off a project we always advice the client start with putting up a holding page with some content to get the search engines interested. It is often the case that we hear of people putting up a site and then later getting a call to say its not on the first page of Google.

This may sound funny to some, but in reality it is often assumed that getting to the top of Google is an easy task and an overnight event. For many on the other hand will know that unfortunately its not that easy. This is one of the reasons why then we register a domain name and set up a hosting pack for customers that we will put up a basic page with some “food for the robots” to use whilst the site itself is being developed.

This is an example of what I mean, a single HTML style page with a logo, a few images and about 5 paragraphs of content. Its not Shakespeare, but it’s a good way to giving Google a helping hand in finding your site once its ready to go. At least they will know the URL by that stage.

Call Dave Jordan on 053 9430748 if you would like to know more about setting up a site for your business.

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