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Before you read any further.

This is not about a men’s magazine !!!

Being in business since the late 90’s, I’ve come across many companies and heard many stories about accountants. Like any business that offers a service it usually comes down to understanding their services and the people behind the business. Recently we were approached by a local accountancy company based in Bray, Wicklow and they also were at the final stages of opening an office in Gorey, Co. Wexford.

They have had a website for a number of years and it has served it purpose well, but like any business strategy it must be reviewed and measured and looked at to see if it still services the purpose it was designed for. Has the business changed since it was created and does it meet recent expectations from a user point of view. We like to discuss these type of things with our new clients so that we can portray these aspects of their business online.

Dave Howick & Justin Fitzsimmons are two of the main partners of Irish accounting company Fitzsimons Howick McEvoy in Bray in Co. Wicklow and Gorey in Co. Wexford.

We set about by looking at the stats of the previous website and seeing what pages worked and what hadn’t. Then we met us with the guys at their offices in Bray and went through the usual steps involved in redesigning a website. We looked that the skills available inhouse, we looked at the technology available to them from ourselves etc

The ground work complete we then set about working on the new website and redesigned the site to their specific requirements. The new site is fully content managed with custom forms created to allow users to get in touch if there are looking to move accountants etc

Their new site can be found at the great website address of www.fhm.ie




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