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scubadive-west2013Scubadive West in Connemara in County Galway may be miles away from the bright lights of city centre of Dublin, but they guys there know how to keep up to date with technology and especially in touch with their customers really well.

This year we have redesigned their existing content managed website to a new tablet friendly version. With the recognition of their target audience we discussed the stats and looked at the most important aspects of their business and the products they wished to push for the front.

Increase the usability of the site allows Scubadive West to get their message over to their potential customers in a faster and smoother navigation system. Browsers simply click on the images to move around the site. The images are all optimised for quick downloading and so the site delivers the content faster.

With website traffic now-a-days being mainly from tablets and mobile phones this business will take advantage of the users appreciating the flexibility of the site and generally stay on it longer and therefore increase the likelihood of an inquiry. . . . And that’s one of the purposes of websites in the first place!

The site’s internal search facility have also been upgraded and so it indexes its entire content each day and when you start to type a word or phrase into the search toolbar it automatically starts to lists the pages that have the answers. Its a small techy item we liked, but its used all the time according to the stats and users like it !

The sites stats that we have for these guys go back for over 10 years now and this was one of the gems in working with a team that are so happy to use the web to its full capacity. All aspects of this new design were referenced against the stats to make sure we grew the site and added to it in terms of delivering the right content and also helping the search engines find their way around easily too.

Its been a great ten years working with Ronan, Breff, Cillian & Tiernan Gray and we look forward to many more years of business partnership together.


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