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courtown hotelThe Courtown Hotel.

Based in the centre of the village in Courtown Harbour, the Courtown hotel is synonymous with Holidays in Wexford for generations to the Sunny South East.

Being asked to come on board as their Web Partners was a great privilege and one we took on with great delight. As being past members of staff we too knew the significance of the hotel to the local area and economy.

We met the new owners and discussed their needs and mapped out a strategy to get their online and also bring in social media and get their name back out there. (The hotel was previously closed for about 3 years)

We organised a local photographer to come and take new, fresh images of the premises that could be used on their website / brochures / leaflets etc . JT Photography came to the hotel and worked with the staff to get the right images.

The site is built on a Content Management System allowing the staff to edit and control the site to its entirety. A booking system will be the next addition to the site once the new owners have moved in fully.

The site lists the services of the hotel and also the things to do once you step outside the front door and start exploring the Sunny South East.

Services Included:

  • Domain Name Management
  • Website hosting
  • Email Management
  • Web Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Training
  • Consultancy

We would like to wish the new owners the very best with the hotel and delighted to see there is a new washing machine since I was there in 1988 as a kitchen porter !!


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