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We were asked to visit La Piazza in Gorey and talk to the new owners about their web presence we were very happy as this would mean a “tasting” was on the cards !!!

La Piazza in is a new restaurant in Gorey but in an established location where their had been a number of previous restaurants and even a TV Show on RTE about the place!

I called in and met the owners and we discussed the steps involved and we immediately wet about to secure the domain name www.lapiazza.ie for them and then set up the email address eat@lapiazza.ie on their phones as we also have hosting servers and we manage emails for clients too.

Next we worked on the content and the new layout, knowing that people might be searching online while on the move we decided upon a mobile friendly version of the site would be a must as many tourists to the South East will Google when on the move in the area so we wanted to maximize their changes in getting listed on top of other older businesses.

The site is as fresh as their pasta and thats one of the ways I learned about these guys, they cook your pasta to order and your choose the sauce or main ingredients. Its a really nice way of choosing a dish rather then the normal Italian. So you get to choose the actual pasta type that you prefer the most. Nice idea and know it will be a great success.

The site lists their menu items, their location with a google map and of course contact details.

www.LaPiazza.ie for a great restaurant in Gorey.

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