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Summons Servers Ireland

summons servers irelandWe were approached by this client who had found us on Google and read our blog and decided to get in touch. After recently setting up his new business of delivering summons he know that one of his main tools for promoting himself was going to be using the Web. In Particular making sure he gets listed on Google’s search for phrases that are key to his industry.

We set about by firstly securing the domain name of his company and then guided him through the steps involved. He needed a website he could easily edit himself and one that was simple for users to get in touch with him. Our solution for him was exactly what he ordered, an easy to use site that easy to navigate and does “exactly what is says on the tin”. Its straightforward and to the point.

He called into the office and we showed him how to edit the site and then the site was launched onto the web. Since its launch its doing very well in search engines and ranking on the first page of Google for all the key phrases.

It may not win a “design awards” but they don’t have awards for “The most inquiries from a website” !

Services included:

  • Domain Name Management
  • Website hosting
  • Website Design
  • Consultancy
  • Web Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation



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