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WordPress Updates Available?

So what, Who cares !?!

The WordPress platform and its plugin’s are constantly being updated and roughly 20% of all websites use it as the main program, so when a new revision or update become available you can safely guess that there is a good reason why 80 Million websites should upgrade.

New versions of programs often come with new security measures and also new features such as responsiveness in the design, more Search Engine Friendly etc. Our servers can scan our sites and then inform our clients of the availability of new versions and advice the clients on the steps to upgrade. Often we can configure the sites to make a backup copy of the site first, perform the upgrade and then bring the site live again.

This is a nightly scan we have set up and then benefits are numerous. Older sites that don’t bother to get a “tune up” are like “car engines” they will finally give up and become outdated and parts will not be available to fix them. This is very true with website software such as WordPress or Joomla, OsCommerce, etc as newer version are released they switch off support for older version. This year we saw a famous example of Microsoft withdrawing support for Windows XP. They simply don’t write any new code to keep it working, instead they tell people to upgrade their operating system¬†to the latest version or buy a new PC !

Our recommendation is to make sure your site is up to date with the version of WordPress (Currently 4.x) and then after that you will need to look at the template compatibility and the plugins too.

If you need any help in upgrading then give us a call, 053 9430748

Existing clients of Cada Media Ltd have all been upgraded to version 4.x  


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