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How to increase your website Traffic by 30%

Give your audience what they want.

Sounds easy, but in fact most businesses guess as to what their customers are looking for. Feedback is vital and getting it can be hard to hear some times as often we have an idea and over the years we can still try to provide the same service without change. This is where the internet comes into play and understanding the benefits of some of the technology can help you.

Website Stats

Each time a website is visited the site records a few items such as the location of the person (roughly, such as a town or city, what search engine they used to find the site, what key phrase and now-a-days if you look at the stats carefully you will notice that it will tell you what device they are looking at the site and the exact screen size.

In 2012 it was 55% mobile, 2013 it was 70% and now in 2014 its over 80%. This trend does differ from website to website as an accountants website might be from a desktop and a tourism / attraction website would be from a mobile phone. This is a general rule, but the trends are showing a giant leap in just two years.

Mobile friendly or Responsive websites mean that they will adapt to the users needs and the guys at Pirates Cove in Courtown read their stats and they feedback that the stats gave told them they need to give their audience a responsive website that would allow potential clients to view their offering on the move.

We worked with them in developing a website and using the feedback or stats that the site gave us we interpreted these statistics and designed a site that gave the customers they items they Google’d the most and the pages that people were most interested in.

The new site immediately increased it’s traffic by over 30%


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