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Quitting Facebook!

Listening to the radio and there was yet another story about the amount of people getting pissed off with Facebook and that social media is stealing their time.

Stories of people now being 3 years Free from Facebook and how their life has changed. They got rid of the smart phone and back to an old fashioned Nokia phone and the battery now lasts for a week and not 3 hours.

It made me think of a time I was told that Websites were finished and now that there are sites available where people can make their own profiles that website design was finished. Web Version 2.0 enables the users to get involved and not just browse.

Since then I have come to see these as a trend, just like skinny jeans or high collar shirts they would have a life span, just like Bebo.com. We saw the rise and fall of this giant social media site finally being sold for $850 Million dollars with 40 million users and today the domain name does not even show a holding page.

Its Gone, History. Finished.

So what do I learn from this? I learn that trends are being dictated by technology and that when new technology emerges those who embrace it first can take advantages of the huge wave of users that it can bring to your door.  I wrote an article in 2008 about Social Media in Wexford and how people use it. Search has moved from Desktop to mobile. How people choose a product and how business is constantly evolving and this is exactly what has to happen with your business plan for Marketing and Advertising. It has to change.

Closed my Account !

I hear this every week in Gorey, Wexford, Dublin, virtually everywhere that people are dropping off Facebook. I could get into the demographic, but that’s for another post !

This is a big gap. This is a large selection of someones target audience and for the businesses out there have decided that a social media route is the only option. It means narrowing your possibilities in attracting new customers. I recently met with a new client who said the opposite. They didn’t want to use social media at all because they themselves rarely use it and think its too much bother.

We discussed this and I told them that I didn’t recommend this strategy and then made a comparison of the Internet with Road Infrastructure.

Lets assume the following:

  • Web was the information Super Highway
  • Facebook are the Motorways
  • Twitter the Dual Carriage ways
  • Pinterest the A Roads
  • Instagram the B Roads
  • Etc Etc

Then asked him to drive around Ireland and see as many places as possible, but he was only allowed to use one type of road. The restrictions would me mean that he woundn’t be able to get the full picture of Ireland. The use of the Internet and Social Media is the same. Nowadays businesses have to have a marketing strategy that makes use off all of this types of traffic.

So if you are talking to someone who is thinking about marketing their business, we would appreciate that you mention ourselves. Our methods and strategies work and we have a proven track record in helping businesses online.

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