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Is blogging Dead?

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So after a 5 year break to get married and have two amazing children, I finally get to sit down and look at my blog !

I thought that during the COVID Pandemic I would have got time, but alas “Online” took off and hasn’t stopped in demand or inquiries. Anyone who ever thought about really getting their business online is now taking this medium of communications and commerce very seriously.

Finally !!!!

So with so many other ways to get your point across and social media continuing to gain traction and popularity it begs the question Is Blogging Dead ?

I would say the simple answer is Yes, but there are so many ways to blog now a days. Video Blogs are a major way to get yourself in front of people and if you are not shy then why not. I made a few videos back in 2009 !!, See link here Now I could do the same on Tick Tok for example if that was my target market.

For my purposes, I have always tried to have my blog as being a weblog, or Blog about my life working in the web design and online marketing arena. Its an ever changing world and I liked the simple idea of keeping a track of the trends and technologies that help people and businesses continue throughout the years

Now in my 23rd year of business I have seen major economic growth, dramatic recession afterwards and then steady growth again and then COVID pandemic and the world stopped overnight for many businesses. So I have decided to restart my blog and continue with my ramblings but really just as a diary for myself and the business. Often i like to predict how online marketing and trends are moving and for the most part keep a log of the events the surround the world of website design as seen by a guy working in the North Wexford area.

It might be a dying trend, but for my needs, it still has a useful propose and being able to reference something i wrote about in the past, I find is a good way to show my knowledge of the Internet and its working from my point of view.

Stay tuned in 2022 !

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