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Estate Agent Website Revamp

Estate Agent Website Revamp by Cada Media Ltd

Revamping an Estate Agents website

We were delighted to be chosen to take on the project of a redesign of the website for one of the best estate agents in Gorey, Co. Wexford. Lambert McCormack Property is headed up by well known personality Victor Lambert who has years of experience working in Gorey and looking after clients on the east coast for the past 20+ years.

The existing site worked well for a number of years and served its time. The new site is the latest in technology and uses the very best in what we at Cada Media can offer including a super fast hosting environment with built in WordPress management and optimisation. 

Our redesign for Lambert McCormack Property boasts a sleek, modern look that will keep visitors engaged and interested in the properties no matter the device they view the site on. We understand that today’s clients value speed and convenience, which is why we’ve optimized our redesign with that in mind.

Our mobile-friendly design and lightning-fast load times ( yes it really is fast !) will not only enhance the browsing experience of the property listings, but also create a seamless process for your perspective buys. Our website design is intuitive and user-friendly, so even those who are less tech-savvy can easily navigate it. With easy navigation and streamlined property listings, your clients will find exactly what they’re looking for in no time.

Some of our exciting features include integrated Google maps, and an easy-to-use contact form. Each property listing gives a visual; breakdown into the number of bedrooms, toilets, size and Eircode. 

We also provide detailed property descriptions and high-quality photos to give clients the most accurate and enticing view of your listings. Each Photo is optimised for speed once they are loaded up to the admin system and they are then optimised again by the hosting to increase the download speed even further. 

Redesigning a site is about working on what was there before and enhancing it to make it better. All to often we see sites “revamped” or “refreshed” only to loose some of the core content that allowed it to be ranked well previously. We migrated the existing content and worked with Victor and Ann on the new sites text, images and visuals for this purpose.

The site contains info on all the company’s services including property valuations for probate, general property valuations for selling a house, property valuation’s for Fair Deal Scheme, properties for sale in Gorey, properties for sale in Wicklow new houses for sale in Gorey to mentioned a few !

We also learned along the journey of Victor’s vast experience in the area of Commercial Property in Gorey and the North Wexford / South Wicklow area. Its a complex sector and his constant work to keep up to date with the Governing specifications really amazed how intricate the entire area is. No better man for making sure his clients get qualified, solid, fact driven advice. We created a frequently asked questions page to help his potential clients get a quick understanding of services and quality of the business. 

During the project we worked along side Victor & Ann and give them the advice and guidance that we feel will help this well establised local business to continue to be one of the cornerstone’s in the North Wexford area. We supplied the following

  • Domain Management
  • DNS Management
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Bespoke Design
  • Custom Code
  • Training
  • Link Building
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Marketing

Interested in doing a similar project? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and attract a wider audience with a smarter, more engaging website..

Call Dave Jordan on  053 9430748 today. 

Estate Agent Website Design in Wexford

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