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Office 365 Migration

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We host email servers ourselves and have written over the past 15 years on various topics such as Fixing Email Issues, Problems sending emails and using Newsletter for emailing your clients and one of the main threads that always come across for me is that it is a Vital tool in business and without Emails we are all dead in the water. Instant Messages can be set to disappear, accounts get deleted when staff leave, people move to Instagram messages, Tik Tok messaging and even loads of other messaging platforms like Discord all play their part, but in my 25 years in business in 2024, Email is still king among the serious businesses looking for a long term electronic communication tool.

With our latest client, an estate agent based in Gorey, called Lambert McCormack Property, we worked closely with Victor on his workflow and what would suit him best and we advised him wholeheartedly to migrate to the Microsoft Office 365 platform. 

Its Bulletproof !

We assisted in the DNS Management and working with an Office 365 partner called PMIT Solutions in Dublin we worked hand in hard with them to make sure all the emails for the past 10 years were migrated over to the Office Cloud system and that his old email platform on our servers was taken out of the equation. 

The emails were all migrated successfully and Victor and his team now have a stable email platform that is Gold medal standard and he is delighted with the new phone app and have all the benefits of Web and mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook and of course knowing that the business emails from LMC Property get sent instantly and arrive instantly into the inbox of those who are anticipating an important email with the subject of “Sold” or “Sale Agreed” !!!!

So if you are “Serious” about business then a platform such as Office365 or Workspace for business are essential tools of the best in any sector.

We ourselves have used a cloud email solution since 2008 !!!!

If you need help in deciding the right route, give me a quick call and I can help you make the right move

Dave Jordan, 

053 9430748



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