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If you are thinking of updating your website why not try adding a testimonials page to your site. While new website are popping up all the time, maybe it’s time to show your prospective customers that you have experience and expertise. The slow down in the Irish economy has meant many things and one we have noticed from our enquiries is that new clients are looking to show off their products and services more than …

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Website Redesign / Update – Question

If you are thinking about redesigning your website, the make sure to have a look at your site stats and look at how you should be redesign the site. Many people think about new colours, a fresh look etc, but think bigger. What are people looking for? Are you getting enough pageviews? Does your website have the information they want? Is it easy to navigate? Rethink your website totally Is there a market for what …

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How much does a website cost?

One of the most common question we get asked. The answer is it depends on what your looking for and what you need your website to do. Pricing a website can go from as little as a €250.00 euro to €250,000.00 euro. We sit down with our clients and go through their needs, Identifying their target market, the purpose of the website, what they want achieve from the website, is the business model transferring online …

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What are the Pros and Cons to Content Management?

Content Management is a tool. To use it correctly a person needs to understand their responsibility for the website they are working on. Being able to edit the text and images often leads to questions like, What should I write on my website? Does it Matter What i write on my website? These are qeuestions that we are asked all the time. The simple answer is YES. Just because someone has a pen does not …

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