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Cyber squatters in ireland

Yes, it’s true they havent gone away and in fact we’ve found a few here in Wexford. Driving to meet a client for lunch the other day I noticed a sign near Gorey advertising a new business currently under construction. It’s a fairly big development with massive sign so you guess that they have looked at every aspect of the growth of this project. Living in the area, I was aware that the planning permission …

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Eircom Customer Support

Just off the phone with Eircom after a new client came in and asked could we take over their domain name registration and their web hosting. I called 1800 203 204 then option 2 then option 2 again and then 1 but they now have another option that let me on a merry journey that stole an hour of my life I will never see again. Grr “What’s a domain name? Oh You mean a …

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