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Eircom Customer Support

Just off the phone with Eircom after a new client came in and asked could we take over their domain name registration and their web hosting. I called 1800 203 204 then option 2 then option 2 again and then 1 but they now have another option that let me on a merry journey that stole an hour of my life I will never see again.


“What’s a domain name? Oh You mean a website?”

Hmm, my confidence was slipping. So after an hour og being told I was onto the wrong department and it was their collegues who put me through in the first place I had spoken to 6 different department, including Broadband Services, residential sales, business sales, General customer services and  (some girl who didn’t what a domain was).

It’s easy to see why people use smaller businesses like our own. Yes we charge more but theirs a reason. We deal with the issues ourselves and get problems resolved for clients fast.

It did cost €10 euro to renew the domain name, but it cost my client an hour of our time and weeks of his own time trying to renew and transfer the domain to ourselves.

We don’t complete on price with the bigger internet companies because we can’t, but where we can is on service. If you are tired of being on hold for a living and getting nowhere in renewing your domain or hosting services call myself Dave Jordan and we will take the pain out of domain name renewals and hosting for you.

Breath dave, breath! Grr!

Ps, to be far to eircom, Paul McKenna sorted us out once we got through and was professional and knew exactly his role in the whole ordeal. It’s just we all need a Direct Dial for him!

Thanks Paul

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