effects of the snow in wexford

Snow effect on business!!

For the 2nd time this year we have seen how the weather can disrupt businesses across Ireland with staff not being able to attend the office and customers not being able to make it to the shops, but do we really have to be so reliant on the weather for business? What do businesses do in Scandinavia? Do they close down for 3 weeks as Ireland has done this year in January, November and December …

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Snow effect on the Internet!

Listening to the news today about how the snow today has cost businesses in Dublin an estimated €80 million, according to Dublin Chamber of Commerce.  I find it interesting to see also that all the news and images and videos are being reported about it were mostly on the Internet. It got me thinking that many people often forget the Internet is never closed for business, it doesn’t call in sick, it doesn’t spend 3 …

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