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No email for a day!

Had an interesting conversation with a client last week about how the effect of having no email for a 24 hour period effected this business. I should add that this was just 1 email address, the info@ address the business uses. I should paint a picture a little clearer, this is a small rural business […]

Which SMTP Server to use? (2)

We recommend using the out going mail server from your Internet Service Provider ISP, That is the company supplying your access to the net, the company that you get the broadband from: Imagine Briadband = mail.imagine.ie Perlico Broadband = mail.iolfree.ie Eircom = mail.eircom.net

Emailing Large Files

Email system were not designed for sending large files, a system known as “ftp” File Transfer Protocol was set up for the moving of files across the interweb. Nowadays that of course has gone out the windows as people are using emails for attachments, but if you have large files to send we might suggesting […]