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Do people still use Microsoft Office?

I know I harp on about open source, but really are people listening , Denmark dumps Microsoft Another government department is starting to use open source, http://politiken.dk/newsinenglish/article890196.ece Now County Council’s in Ireland, are you listening? Anyone, anyone , Beauler, Beauler, Fry,  Fry . . .

Business Advice in Wexford

We have had many hits on our websites by people looking to get through this year and make it to next year in good financial condition. Many are looking at ways of cutting costs in running their businesses. Cost cutting could take many routes including Cutting Advertising Costs Cutting Marketing Costs Cutting Rent Costs Cutting […]

IBM Boss tells over 20,000 Staff to use Open Document Structure

The Irish Times reports that, the head of IBM has written a memo to over 20,000 staff members advising them to take a look the use of other office suite programs other than the main one, (not mentioning Microsoft Office directly). Open Office would be a good solution for people looking to get away from […]