ICS Monitoring Team Email

We noticed today that we recieved an email for the the ICS monitoring Team threatening to cut of internet access. This is spam email delete it. The email looks like this: Warning: This message has had one or more attachments removed Warning: (report.exe, Warning: Please read the “cadamedia-Attachment-Warning.txt” attachment(s) for more information. Your internet access is going to get suspended The Internet Service Provider Consorcium was made to protect the rights of software authors, …

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Scam emails – DHL Express Services

One of my clients email in this morning wondering if we could unlock this email is was due in. this is a scam bullshit email and I simply replied, spam / scam …delete it. I suggest you yo the same, unless you are actually expecting a delivery, if so they would not send you a .exe program through the net, its an attached virus! DELETE IT. *************************** From: DHL Service [mailto:clients email address was here] …

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Registration of the World Business Guide 2009/2010

If you receive an email like this . . . DELETE it as it is not from us and is a spam and a scam Ladies and Gentleman. In order to have your company inserted into the registry of World Businesses for 2009/2010, please print, complete and return the enclosed form (PDF file) to the following address: WORLD BUSINESS GUIDE P.O. Box 2021 3500 GA Utrecht The Netherlands email: FAX: ++31 20 524 8107 …

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DigiWeb – Email Sales Tactics !

We received an email from a very concerned client of ours this morning asking if their domain name was up for renewal as they have already paid for it just a few months ago. The email as you will read below is suggesting that we have sold our company to an Italian business. An extract from the email = “Given the recent situation with your current provider selling their company to an Italian provider, we …

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Internet Register Ireland – Letter – Envelope

We had a response to our write up about the letter so many businesses are getting and the suggestion is to send back the envelope EMPTY so to cause them a further expense. It is a SCAM. Thanks to Ewan Duffy from

Internet Register Ireland Letter – SCAM (Throw It Away)

We are letting our clients know that if they get a letter in the post today asking for the renewal of their domain in an internet directory the DELETE it, of SHRED IT, Its a German company asking you for €958 so they can put a link to your website on theirs…… Internet Register Ireland This is a copy of an email and letter that is currently being sent to owners of domain names in …

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Email scams

If you get an email like this, Delete it. **************** Financial Expert/Oakhill House, 130 Tonbridge Road , Hildenborough, Tonbridge , Kent TN11 9DZ , United Kingdom . I am aware that this is certainly an unconventional approach to starting a relationship. I am Mr.Charles Albert, Financial Expert worked with prime Banks here in United Kingdom as Financial Consultant Auditor. I will be happy if we can do business together in good faith and this proposal …

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Paid directory listing services

If you get an email to your business asking for renewal or subscription to a Directory or to submit your web address to search engines, please forward it to ourselves and then Delete it. They might be real, but the benefits are minor if any at all. Example we got yesterday: Notification DOMAIN LISTING SERVICES 8171 Yonge St. Suite# 149 Thornhill, ON L3T 2C6 Canada FINAL NOTICE (Please make necessary changes) ATT: dave jordan ADMINISTRATIVE …

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Internet Register Ireland – SCAM

Internet Register Ireland This is a copy of an email and letter that is currently being sent to owners of domain names in Ireland. This German company is asking owners of domains to send them €958 euro to get listed on their internet directory. It is a SCAM and delete or shred it. The notice reads with the following text: ************************ Please use the enclosed reply envelope to return the form with your current details …

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Phishing Alert

What is Phishing? This is when a website is set up similar to a famous site and invites you to log in and update your details. Many Banks in ireland have had problems whereby someone has set up a website with a similar or mis-spelt domain that looks like the real address. Real businesses do not contact you and ask you to update your details online. The method if like “Fishing”, they are just chancing …

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Online scams

If you get an email like this, it’s a scam. Delete It. ********************** Your Email address has won the sum of 950,000,00Euros in an International Email Sweepstakes Program Cooporation held on the 4th of June 2008 in Holland.We write to officially notify you of this award and to advised you to contact your claim agent Mr William Bouch,Email: Te+31-620-668-140 (1)Coupon No:TY894/652/413 (2)ticket No:9512EU214 Pamela Baker Mrs) ************************************

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