What is Content Management in websites?

What are Content Management Systems? A Content Management System is a program/software installed on your website that allows you to access and update your site through your Internet browser. You can add content from anywhere in the world. There is no need of any prior content management experience and you do not need to understand <HTML> code. Content Management can be used to manage simple business brochure style website, portal or directory and also an …

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Yoga Gorey – Website Revamped

Moving your business forward can often mean moving with the times and the technology that comes with that. We are happy to announce that Gorey Yoga Studio have decided to use Cada Media Ltd for the redesign and implementation of a new content managment system for their website. has come from a basic brochure website allowing the owners to show their directions, their yoga time of classes. Their new site has fully content management …

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Google Revise their EULA after 1 day!

Google have had to turn around very quickly and revise their End User Licence Agreement used when installing their new Browser on your pc. Basically the EULA stated that anything you published via/using their browser ie with a blog or a content management system meant that “they” were allowed use the content for their own means. Shocking really.

Internet Explorer V8

Not to be outdone, Microsoft have realised their lastest Beta version of Internet explorer for testing. Version 8 is available to download from the following link With Many new featurs such as the “In private” tool, This version allows you to browse the net and it will not record your pages viewed in the history folder, great for Internet Cafe’s , not so great for employers with out a firewall to keep out dodgy …

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Google Chrome Launched

Google have entered into the Internet Browser market and launched their very own browser for Windows Vista, with Mac and Linux versions available soon. This new free browser is available to download from the following link: Features to this browser according to Google are listed here We have just downloaded and installed it on some of our office pc’s here and will be testing it over the coming week. We will let you …

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