Domain Name Transfers or Renewals

Domain Name Transfers or Renewals

We have just got in an email from a clients asking for advice on the renewal of her domain name. An american company emailed her and asked her to review her domain name and if she would like to renew it then she could click on the link provided to renew.

Transfer Away!!!

In actual fact what the company was asking was that they take over as the billing contact for her domain name. There is definately confusion out there and Internet Domain Name companies using these sneeky tacktics just make it more confusing for business owners.

I would recommend that anyone who get an email asking for information about their domain name give me a call and I will be able to tell you if it’s real (as in that you domain is about toi expire with tyour current registrar) or if it’s another company looking to poach your domain to their billing system.

Just letting you know as we see this nealy every week.

Dave Jordan – Cada Media Ltd 053-9430748

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