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Website Designers in Wexford

We have received a number of calls over the past few months regards companies looking for “legitimate” website designers in Wexford. There has been a big increase in the number of people claiming that they are website designers.

We have been trading since 1999, Our Offices are located at:

Cada Media Ltd
Unit 6 – 8,
Rosc House,
John Street,
Co. Wexford.

When choosing a web development company please make sure to look for :

  • Registered with the Irish Internet Association, The IIA.
  • Good references.
  • Ask friends if they have heard of the company?
  • Do they operate from a mobile number?
  • Are the working part time?
  • Can they offer support?
  • How long have they worked in the industry?

View their clients web sites,

  • Look at the quality of their work
  • How many clients do they have?
  • How much do they charge?
  • Ring their clients,
  • Ask about the company/person
  • Was the job to their satisfaction?
  • Did they pay too much?

Make sure they are a registered business

  • Check with www.Revenue.ie or www.Cro.ie
  • Are they charging too much?
  • Are they looking for cash jobs?
  • Are they calling and doing the “Hard Sell”?
  • Are they pestering you for business?
  • Are they desperate for your money?

+ If you have answered Yes, then look else where for a web site design company in wexford.

And last hint, choosing a web design company in Wexford is easy, just use some common sense and choose a company that is established. Their are many “fly by nights” in every industry and our industry is no exception. So be careful.

Website design companies in Wexford we recommend are:

www.CadaMedia.ie (yes ourselves !)

www.Graphedia.ie (Niall Reck)

www.WebDream.ie (Joel Driver)

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