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Your Boss saw you on FaceBook and Bebo!

This is something that we have been telling people since these social networking sites started to appear, that much of the information on the site is actually available to be viewed by the general public as well as your boss, so when you called in sick and you boss looked up your name in google and found that you were actually at “Electric Picnic” on that Friday that you called in sick, it can come back to bite you in the ass.

It has recently been reported that employees have even been let go because of the lies they have been telling in the work place that the proof was actually on a video on their own website!

I even came across a bebo page of a young website designer in wexford who had a statement on his bebo page claiming he was going to rip off as many people as possible and earn as much as he could from his clients and didnt care if they actually got what they needed. I hope he hasn’t con’d many people into buying his services.

Social networking site are very important into the way the internet is progressing as they are bring many site forward with their use of Web 2.0 technologies, thats whereby the useers can update the site themselves etc.

They are also very search engine friendly and the written in such a way as to allow the robots to index every word in the listing.

But always be away that this content IF negative can be used by your potential employer etc to look you up before an interview, If we see you in every picture in a put 4 nights a week, we will be thinking of course about if you will be able to make it in each morning and then once your in what exactly you are able to do hung over!

Be warned.

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