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Gorey Town Council launch new website!

We are delighted to see that Gorey Town Council have come up to speed with technology, but a little disappointed too as we have often discussed with council members about our services and how we could work with them.

So we didn’t get asked to put in a bid for the tender or even asked to Sponsor the site . . . Boo Hoo for us!

Oh well life goes on . . but then we also notice that they have also used an image of ours without permission, this is typical of not understanding about setting up a website. This is a legal issue many businesses fall into, If you are creating a website you must get permission from the owner of the images or graphics otherwise it is stealing and compensation may be sought for this work as it is a copyright issue.

Great to see how our “Rates” are being used.

http://www.goreytc.ie/gy/ContactUs/PlacesofinterestaroundGorey/ ©

2 thoughts on “Gorey Town Council Website”

  1. Thanks for highlighting the Town Council’s website and the advice you gave before its set-up. Indeed your support of the various community groups and their I.T. needs over the years has been fantastic and should be commended.

    Construction of the site wasn’t put out to tender as it was done in-house by the County Council’s I.T. Department. It uses its own resources first, think that is understandable. And yes we may have used a North Wexford Tourism image without permission, but we give you a rent free Tourist Office, come on, be nice!!

    We do intend to over haul the website this year, improving the content, adding new features and making it work more for the Council and the town – I hope to bring proposals before the Council at a future meeting – so all suggestions welcomed!!

  2. Thanks for that Colin, I really wanted to just show that even county councils don’t understand the complex issues that copyright of images on-line has. Many businesses come into ourselves after just right clicking an image in Google images and saving it to their usb drive and then come in saying they have collected the data they would like on their website.

    This can not be done.

    I do appreciate the situation the tourist office is in and I and many other businesses in Gorey do thank the council for the use of the office space at such a fantastic rent.

    Best Regards


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