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Search Engine Engine Strategies

Search engines are all about new fresh content, we are saying this on a daily basis to our clients and prospective customers. Search engines was to see who’s say what and how mush are you saying about your field of expertise. Thus I’m writing this !

I would suggest uploading new content each day, but at least each week. Websites are looked upon like newspapers, you don’t read them twice. so if you have a content managed site get stuck in and edit your site, if not get someone to do it, even better get us to do it!

When writing your content write for real people, think about the keyword and key phrases alright but really write to your audience in a personal manner and it will be reflected back in your hits. People don’t search the website short phases like “hotels ireland”, they search for “family run hotels in wexford” much more specific. Wrire for those people not just the googlbot robot scanning your content in the middle of the night.

Get good quality links to your site. Don’t get crap links from any old site thats handing out free links left right and centre, Google pagerank for example looks for quality links from relevent sites. Think of them like sign posts, you would not follow a signpost to a hotel from the middle of a dump, but you would from the main street in a town. Website Links are the same. Get good links.

If you can’t get links, buy them with Google Adwords, If you dont know how call us.

Make sure while all this is going on to be keeping an eye on your site stats that it actually making a difference, see what pages are being view, what time, what search phrases people are using.

It’s friday 5.15, long day, im heading home!

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