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Marketing in Wexford – Condt…!!

So there I was working late in the office when the at around 8pm the phone rings . . . a mans voice asking for “Gorey Link” and something about a bus for Saturday night? I was confused as he said he was calling from a Koo restaurant. I politly said that in fact this number was “Cada Media, website designers in Gorey“. We said our good byes.

The phone rings again and It was the same voice looking for a bus. I repeated who we were and the call ended!

It then “clicked” to what was happening, so I dialed the number and the same voice answered. I said who I was and asked had he searched online for something and found us. He said he had looked for “Gorey Link”. I explained that we have operated an online business directory for Gorey Town called GoreyLinks.com for the past 3 years and that Google might have brought us up first. He had got our telephone number from there.

Again we said our good byes.

So whats the moral of the story. . . . . . we are great fans of Irony and seeing a business who used the internet as a last option on the “marketing plan list” turning around and using the Internet to find another business.

Classic !

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