Website Content – Who does it?

Where do I get good content for website?

We are just after receiving a few emails from a new client who has been busy putting together content for their website. One issue that I must bring to peoples attention is that we strongly suggest not using Google Image Search to source content for your site. You can not simply grab, copy an image from there and use it on your website.

Many people assume that they can grab an image from an Australian website and use it on their website and no one will notice. Well there are programs known as “bots” basically little search programs that will trawl the Internet looking for images. Google uses one to find images for their Google Image Search function.

These image bots will read all the websites in the world in a matter of days and be able to see who is using who’s images on their site. After that the data is then used in a legal action against your company.

Take Photo’s yourself!

or get a professional photographer to take the photo’s for you. These can then be used in brochures, web sites and all your marketing material. Companies can also buy your photos online on many of the stock photography website available, namely or

Take the Internet seriously, other companies do.


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