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Google Maps – Wexford

I have just got off the phone with a company in wexford providing accommodation and I would like to help others who are in a similar situation about Google Maps and their listing in Google Maps.

If your business is listed in the Mapping facility of Google on Maps.Google.com it could have been put there by a number of sources

  • The previous owner of the business.
  • A Guest.
  • A Tourism Body.

We did some research whilst on the phone to this business and we discoved that they had two listings on Google Maps. Neither of which they had created. They now need the 2 locations pins moved as they are in the wrong location on the maps. The person was under the impression that we had created the location pin as we had created a map for the Wexford County Tourism Board but our map was just a plain Google map that had a search facility built in.

When they inserted their business name into kthe search facility it jumps to http://maps.google.com/ where a full Google search is carried out. It was there we found the 2 wrong location pins. We found the name of the users who created the pins as were able to give these to the person to follow us and ask them to change the location.

Easier Way……

We would suggest that businesses create their own “location Pin” by creating a Google Maps Account Google and then running through the steps involved. It might take about an hour in total as it allows you to insert photo’s, video, links to your website, address, telephone numbers, fax numbers etc

The internet is a complex network of applications and databases that have been opened up to the general public by means of Web 2.0, meaning that the general public can add content to this knowledge base. So as you are adding content to your own website don’t forget that others too are allowed to add inforamtion too.

Sometimes the information others publish is incorrect, so for more inforamtion about Google Mapping and how it can help your business please give me (Dave Jordan) a call on 053-9430748

I hope this helps . . . ?

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