Month: June 2009

RTE Player

Looks like our national broadcaster has got it right with their new website RTE Player, after seeing RTE Radio throw nearly €250,000 away on their latest website it’s nice to see our money being spent well and it looks like they might have got it right. RTE Player allow you the ability to view your favourite TV programs on-line. Similar to other channels who are realizing that TV on demand is now a must and …

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Back up your data

Make sure that in hot weather that you have a good back up of your business data, we are hearing stories of offices in Gorey that have over heated in the past few days and are now running into computer trouble. Switch off your pc’s at night Switch off the monitors at night Open doors and windows from eary morning Create a breeze Use fans Back Up your Data! Either by using online backup services …

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How to set up a website for your business?

Simple answer is call us! Otherwise you can register a domain name yourself, (remember to choose a name that is suitable), set up the web hosting pack  (remember to choose a hosting pack that is suitable), then create a web site for your company inserting the content (remember to design the site so that is correct for your needs). Website Design is Easy ! Especially when companies are offering online tools to help you create the …

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Cada Media gives talk about Website Design

Cada Media Ltd were delighted to be asked to give a talk to a Business Network in Gorey, Co. Wexford. The theme was “Website Design / Web Marketing” . Dave Jordan, one of the company directors gave the early morning (7am!!!!) presentation explaining about the services that Cada Media Ltd provide to their clients, Dave went on inform the group of nearly 40 business people in the south east of how they supply, Domain Registration …

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Self Catering Cottages in Wexford

Bannow Cottages in Wexford approached us in May 2009 to revamp their static 4 page website that had been there for a number of years. We applaud them in being one of the first in Wexford to have put together a web presence for their business. However, time and technology moves on and they decided to talk to Cada Media Ltd after seeing some our work next door at their neighbours business, Shielbaggan Outdoor Education …

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Gold Medal Safety Padding – Website

We were happy to be approached by Phil from Fitness Functions Ltd to push one of their product lines further into the market. They hold the dealership for a unique products not often found online. Safety Padding for holding rooms ! Yes definately a first for Cada Media Ltd. We’ve come across some unusual products on the internet over the year, but this is the most unusual. Gold Medal Safety Padding. As this is an …

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Email Spam on the increase in Ireland

I suppose that this is the obious but Spam is on the increase in these harder times as spammer use email to market their products online. We have had a number of clients on to us asking if we can stop it. Yes. We have spam filters on our servers that can block the unwanted and time wasting emails that are blocking most people inboxes. Just give us a call to find out how we …

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Microsoft V’s Google Microsoft have finally launched their new search engine to compete against the search engine giant of Google Launched in May 2009 this new search engine has a similar looks to Google simple looking one line to input your search term. It also has features similar to Googles Image Search and returns the results in a way that we are all familar with. I personally think it’s too late for Microsoft to get into this market …

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PC Repair in Gorey

If you are looking for a pc repair shop in Gorey, we previously reported that “PB Bitz” had opened in gorey, well they closed this week. I would recommend now talking to “O’Hagan Computers” further down the same road in Gorey. Contact details are Tel: 053 9430784

Web Updates

Web Updates – keeping your website up to date If you got your website done as long ago as early last year ( in internet terms= a few years ago) there may be a few simple updates / changes that could reap you huge benefits. with such advances in spam protection, seo optimisation tools and online marketing methods we at Cada Media Ltd are sure to be able to provide you with advice, direction and …

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World Business Register Scam

World Business Register Scam Well that particular world business directory scam seems to be targeting absolutely tonnes of folks – we are delighted that our posting has saved some people from uneccsary heartache although some poor folks are now in a legal battle to opt out of this very misleading contract. Read the whole article here if you missed it >>> Also avoid a current AIB email looking for your account details too!

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