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If you have received a letter in the post from an American company looking to “renew” your domain name watch out. You may be putting your business of danger of either looking your domain name or loosing out on downtime as what you would actually be agreeing to is moving your domain to another registrar.

An example below is a letter a client received during the wee and they correctly telephoned us to see what it was all about. Within 10 seconds I was able to put the clients mind at ease and let them to that it was actually a letter to transfer their domain name away to the States away from ourselves who currently manage this portfolio of International and Irish domain names.

If your company has received a letter like this just give me a call and I can let you know if it’s genunine or a scam. Tel Dave Jordan from Cada Media Ltd on  053 9430748



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  1. I recieve exactly this latter. But I knew it that is a fraud:)
    anyway we can do something with this ?

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