Letter from Google? €50 spend on Adwords?

If you are one of the many companies wondering why Google as chosen you to write to and offer you a free €50 Euro Voucher to spend on Google Adword Campaign well then you are not alone. Many business around Ireland have received a letter from Google in the past 3 weeks giving them this free Voucher.

This is not a scam, it is a real offer from Google!

Enjoy it, Use it, Spend It

And if like may business you just shred it as you think its another online scam well its a pity as you just shredded €50 euros!

The voucher enables you to spend €50 free from google on “Pay Per Click Advertising“, that is feature from Google called Google Ad words, allowing you to pay a small fee to Google if a person clicks on a link advertising on either a website or in their listing pages.

If you would like help setting up or managing this please feel free to give myself Dave Jordan a call on 053 9430748


2 thoughts on “Letter from Google? €50 spend on Adwords?”

  1. yep – nice one google. We received this offer and took it up. The googleads can work very well, but I would suggest talking to someone with experience rather than just diving in if you havn’t used them before.

    There’s no point driving 50 euros of traffic to your site if it’s not well targeted to your potential customers.

    If the google ads aren’t managed properly your web stats will increase but not neccessarily your sales.

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