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Register a domain name?

We had a good talk with a client yesterday about registering a domain name for their business. They have registered one domain and were under the impression that they had reached the amount they were allowed to register.

A company can register as many domains as they wish, as long as they have the documentation to back up the claim to the domains.

Products that you sell could be registered or services that you provide can be registered too. We have registered domains for companies who have multiply products

Protecting your business name.

Often companies will wonder about which domain extension to go for the .ie or the .com The answer is buy both. If you don’t, then expect another business to buy your name and redirect it to their own site or they just just sit on and and no allow it to go anywhere. They can hide who registered it and simply let it rot away doing nothing.

This happens more than is publicized. We have astute clients that have protected their brands and business names by registering all the variations of their company and products and services. They have bought the .com, .net, .eu and .ie versions of their names.

Buying the Plural version of the products.

We often come across companies who have registered one version of their products only to be up the wall later when then see a very similar domain as their sitting above them in Google Adword Campaigns but that version has a “s” at the end instead of




Both good names for a stone mason but they are to completely different domain names. If it was our client we would have got them both and closed the door to others grabbing the domain.

Another important one people usually for get about is putting “ing” at the end of the domain too!

www.fish.ie = online fishing and hunting shop in Galway

www.fishing.ie = Available to register to their competitors immediately!

See what I mean.

Expiring domains, are they any good?

With the recession in Ireland it is interesting to see the effect on the internet as many great domains are actually coming back on the market. Names that have been advertised on Tv and are house hold names. These domains would also carry with them a good page rank and listing in search engines.

We have registered a number of great domains for clients that are related to the construction/property market in Ireland that is struggling at the moment and we have grabbed the expired domains from their competitors and put up a page explaining that they are gone bust and maybe to contact the new owner of the domains with their query instead.

It has been a very successful way of gaining new inquiries and sales leads generation for our clients.

To grow your business in a recession, talk to Cada Media today.  053 9430748

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