Are Google Telephoning Companies about Adwords?

google-logoWe had a meeting today in which the client told me that he had a Telephone call from Google this morning asking him if he needed help spending the Voucher they had send him. We have spoken about this before about Vouchers from Google but were interested to hear that the caller who identified himself as being a staff member from google in London.

Is this true?

If you have received a call from Google please can you let me know, as we hear of scams and dodgy companies in the UK calling Irish companies trying to sell them the Top position in Google for a small monthly fee also known as Google Adwords Campaigns

The client told him that we were looking after that for them, but I am still unsure if Google would actually call.

Please let me know if you have received a call from Google, Call Dave Jordan 053 9430748 or email dave at and tell me more . .

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  1. It is nearly a daily occurrence for me to hear of a client or colleague who has gotten a call “from Google” and every time when challenged the caller turns out to be from an online marketing company that really has no right to claim an affiliation with Google. This is the first I’ve heard them mention the vouchers. I received a voucher the other day and was examining it to see if it was perhaps from a third party. They are using a mailhouse in UK and it seems the Google marketing department is in the UK. How would the caller know that the person had received the voucher otherwise? Is Google making these new types of calls, or are these online marketing companies really sending the vouchers?

  2. Hi Ann,

    This is exactly what we are looking to find out as the person on the phone also said that the expiry date on the voucher was “out of date” as it was to be used by the 13th of November, but he assured the client that it would still work if he need help.

    I just don’t think Google would be calling as they are famous for not wanting to use traditional means, that said they did have a TV advert last year for Google Chrome in the States so . . . . . ?



  3. Yes indeed.

    I’m not long in Ireland. Moved over from Scotland where I had 300 clients all with websites and we were plagued with these phone calls. Basically they guarantee placement in Google usually for a setup fee then £180 per month or so to keep you there. Then they spend £25 per month on Ads that you could have set up yourself in 5 mins.

    They falsely claim to be Google but they are merely Adwords resellers. This is a huge problem in the UK.

    The other approach they take is wait until Google are doing a marketing drive, offering free vouchers if you sign up for ADWORDS. They then harvest email addresses from website contact forms, sign up for ADWORDS with that email address and then call you about your free voucher so you think they really are from Google. These people ar not from Google they are sharks out to line there own pockets.

    These are the worst type of scammers because they look for websites of people they think may not be ‘internet savvy’. For example farmers who’ve diversified due to the downturn, small tourism sector businesses like guest houses, B&Bs that sort of thing.

    So rest assured Google would never ever call you, they don’t do that. Unless you are lucky enough to have a Google client manager and you’d have to be spending over €1,000,000 per year to get one of those. Google are not interested in calling people out of the blue.

    So if you get an email from Google you never signed up for and then a phone call, tell them you already used the voucher, if you want to have fun with them, ask what their extension numer is at Google so you can call to verify their identity.

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