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Are Google Telephoning Companies about Adwords?

google-logoWe had a meeting today in which the client told me that he had a Telephone call from Google this morning asking him if he needed help spending the Voucher they had send him. We have spoken about this before about Vouchers from Google but were interested to hear that the caller who identified himself as being a staff member from google in London.

Is this true?

If you have received a call from Google please can you let me know, as we hear of scams and dodgy companies in the UK calling Irish companies trying to sell them the Top position in Google for a small monthly fee also known as Google Adwords Campaigns

The client told him that we were looking after that for them, but I am still unsure if Google would actually call.

Please let me know if you have received a call from Google, Call Dave Jordan 053 9430748 or email dave at cadamedia.ie and tell me more . .

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