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Black Hat Trick SEO works?

I had a good telephone call from a client who knows his stuff when it comes to web search engine optimisation (SEO) and he has decided to set up another few smaller sites to see how he can create more traffic to his main website using these Gateway pages or sites.

He’s pissed off listening to myself and other professionals in the business yabbering on about how you must only use the correct structure in websites to get them a good page rank and higher in Google. He See’s is competitors using new domains that’s a jammed packed with keywords and search terms that go way over the general rules of keyword density etc.

Will it get anywhere, will it increase his traffic and send more business his way?

Have you done something like this before and if so what would you suggest he does. He has a budget to play with, oh and by the way he’s using about 6 social media websites, rss feeds, press release sites, link building and any other method of promoting his site to increase the traffic. He even mentioned doing flyer drops today !!!!!

I’m looking for feedback and suggest, have you done this and has it helped.

Let me know.


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